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FEBRUARY 11, 2020

Floorball Thoughts- Grips

Floorball Thoughts- Grips

Dan Torretta

When should you replace your grip? It’s a question that only you can answer, but maybe you don’t know. I’ve seen many players who are in desperate need for a replacement but they seem oblivious to the fact that it’s literally falling apart in their hands. I’ve also had players ask me to replace their grip when the one currently on the stick is practically untouched. Hopefully by the end of this article you’ll feel confident in knowing when it’s time for a change.

What is the purpose of the grip? There are two things it is there to provide. The first is, well, grip. A brand new grip will be tacky whether it’s on a new stick or fresh out of the packaging. You don’t want your stick sliding around your hands when you go to shoot or you’ll lose power and accuracy from all the extra movement. Over time the grip will become worn in the two places you hold your hands because of the sweat and oils you produce. In addition to the lack of tackiness it also makes the grip smell bad if you leave it on too long.

The other purpose of the grip is cushioning. Floorball sticks are made from carbon fiber which is very stiff. Grips have a thin layer of cotton under the tacky part so your hands don’t get sore over the course of your practice or game. If you find your hands getting sore or bruised, it’s probably time to replace your current grip.

Determining the right time to replace it is entirely up to you because only you know how you like the stick to feel. If you’ve never replaced it before I encourage you to do so, you’ll be amazed at how different your stick will feel with a fresh grip on it. You can change the color, and even the brand, from what was on there previously to make it feel like a new stick. Have some fun with it.

Replacing the grip is actually very easy. Start by unwrapping the old grip from the bottom. After it’s off, clean up any residue left behind (the old tape should be ok to leave on if it’s still sticky). To put the new one on, start at the top and hold the grip taut in your hand has you work your way down, to your desired length (or run out of material). Be sure to overlap the edges as you go, then use the tape included to secure the bottom edge.

For any questions or comments feel free to email me at dan@floorballplanet.com.


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