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Meet the Board

About North Texas Floorball Association

The North Texas Floorball Association (NTFA) was formed in 2014 to promote the Sport of NTFA LogoFloorball in the United States. A not-for-profit corporation, NTFA serves the south central United States as an affiliate of the United States Floorball Association.  NTFA sanctions floorball leagues and tournaments, educates the public about the exciting international sport of floorball, facilitates training and development of players and referees, and follows the principles advanced by the International Floorball Federation (IFF).
This web site was formerly administered by Let's Play Floorball USA, a division of FloorballPlanet who transferred operation to the North Texas Floorball Association to promote and administer its program activities.
The North Texas Floorball Association is governed by elected officers and a board of directors.   Current officers/directors are:
President: Nick VanPatten
Board Member since: 7/2021
"I have been playing Floorball for about 8 years now with my two sons. Additionally, I serve as the NTFA team General Manager and also run Youth and pick-up leagues in Flower Mound, TX. I enjoy the friendships I have developed and the sense of community it provides. My love for playing Floorball is only matched by the joy I feel seeing others catch the Floorball "bug". It brings me great satisfaction when I see someone new come into the community and learn to love the sport as I do. I hope to bring the joy and fun of Floorball to many in the years to come".

Vice President: Devon Howard
I started playing Floorball 7 years ago at Southwestern Adventist University in Keene, TX in their intramural program as well as in a regular Sunday pick-up league. About a year later I connected with NTFA and began playing as a goalie. I've also begun reffing and have played in several tournaments here in Texas as well as in Chicago and Utah. I now serve on the NTFA Board and the league Referring Director for the upcoming season. One of my favorite Floorball memories is playing pick-up with high school students in Finland during a music trip the University took there". 
Treasurer: Darryl Gross
Secretary: Melissa VanPatten
Board Member Since: 07/2022
About 8 years ago, Floorball was introduced to our family of two boys (now 17 & 15) and my husband. Ever since then, I have enjoyed watching all three play and getting to know everyone in the Floorball community. In July of 2022, I had the opportunity to attend the World Games, where I participated as the Match Secretariat, and it ignited my passion for wanting to be more involved and helping to grow the sport my family has come to love". 
Board Member: Tara Nunez
Board Member Since: 2016
"I started playing 8 years ago, but an ACL injury ended my playing in 2015. I started reffing due to a lack of refs and I am now a Level 2 USA Floorball referee (and the only female level 2). I started playing again a few years ago. I currently am the Assistant General Manager to our 1st team and Captain of our 2nd team. I also serve as the League Commissioner. I love this game and the relationships with FAMILY I have built. Go NTFA!"

Board Member: AJ Muliqi

Board Member: Erik Faltstrom
Board Member Since: 08/2023
I moved to the U.S from Sweden in 2017. After a few years of University and a break from floorball, I moved to Dallas and joined NTFA in late summer of 2022. I was a part of the team that won the National Tournament in Salt Lake City in September 2022.
Board Member: Matthew Goebel
Board Member Since: 08/2023
I grew up in DFW and enjoyed watching the Dallas Stars as a kid, but never got to play any kind of hockey. When I found floorball in 2021, it became my favorite sport from that very first day. A big part of that is how genuinely fun everyone in NTFA is to be around. I aim to learn more about the behind-the-scenes stuff that helps keep things running smoothly.


Current address of NTFA:

2009 108th St, Suite 903
Grand Prairie, TX  75050

For additional information, call 817-806-5002.



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