JUNE 5, 2021

NTFA Summer League - Week #1 (Jun 7, 2021)

NTFA Summer League - Week #1 (Jun 7, 2021)

NTFA Summer 2021 League begins Monday, June 7, 2021.  There were a total of 27 registrations so the format will be 1 game per week (9 games total), 5 v 5 plus goalies, 3 x 20 min periods (running time).  Two captains will be designated each week (announced the week prior) who will be responsible for for selecting the team rosters.  Teams are named Blue and Red. Drop-ins are encouraged ($10 each) if you haven't registered for the entire season.  Simply reach out to that week's captain(s) for team assignment.  We also request players to contact their captain if they will not be available the following week.

Captains for the following week will be announced at the end of the game and we will post a game recap and team assignments for next week by Tuesday or Wednesday.  Stats will be kept - Goals, Assists, Points for field players and SA/GA/Save % for goalies.  

A new feature of the NTFA summer season will be a 20-25 minute training topic presented prior to each game.  A full list of training topics is presented in another newsletter article.

Summer is also the time we train new referees.  We will be asking for at least 8 players to volunteer for referee training and you will get the opportunity to ref live games to gain experience.  We are planning a pause at each game mid-point to enable change of referees and/or goalies if needed.  Our intent is to allow people to ref and play (field or goalie) in the same game.

Captains for Week #1 are Tyler Radichel - Blue (tyler.radichel@gmail.com 214-784-9524) and Dan Torretta - Red (dan@floorballplanet.com 908-319-5004).  Rosters are posted.  Each team has 12 field players and 1 goalie.

Weekly Schedule:

7:00 - 7:30 pm:

Arrive, setup, drop-in team assignment, warmup.  Home team is assigned rink setup, Away team responsible for assigning scorekeeper and rink cleanup.

7:30 - 7:50:  Training Topic

7:50 - 8:00:  Warmup, game prep, final rosters submitted

8:00 - 9:15:  Game (3 x 20 min)

9:15:  Cleanup (away team puts away boards/nets)

Week #1 Training Topic:

5v5 vs 4v4 (what are the main differences)

Player Roles and Role Reversal




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