What is Floorball?

 What is Floorball? 

Floorball is a fun, fast-paced and safe type of indoor hockey. It resembles floor hockey but is played with lightweight composite sticks, a plastic ball, and rules that promote safety and skill.

There is no contact between opposing players. Play centers around ball control, quick passing, and lots of running. Floorball is inclusive and easy to learn.

Floorball was originally developed in Sweden where the game has been played since the mid 1970s. It is the fastest growing team sport in Europe. Its roots can be found in many different sports; soccer, hockey, and basketball to name a few, which means that many concepts and strategies from those sports can be seen in floorball. While relatively new to the United States, floorball’s popularity is growing quickly.

Floorball is governed by the International Floorball Federation (IFF). Currently there are 52 member nations with over 270,000 licensed players. It is estimated that there are over one million players worldwide. The World Championships are played every year in even years for Men and U19 Women (players under 19 years old), and in odd years for Women and U19 Men.

The rules of floorball have one focus - the safety of the players. Contact between players or the player’s stick is not allowed. The ball cannot be played above the knees and players may not swing above the waist.

While the official floorball court measures 20 meters wide by 40 meters long (65 ft x 131 ft), the game can be played on any smooth surface of any size, indoors or outside. A basketball or sport court is ideal for game play.

Floorball sticks are made from materials like fiberglass or carbon fiber. They are very light weight with a rounded grip and are generally between 80 cm—103 cm long. These factors make them very maneuverable and easy to control. The ball is very similar to a whiffle ball. Floorball sticks and balls will not damage wooden floors or walls.  Except for goalies, players do not wear any protective equipment (optional safety glasses are allowed).  The goalie wears a mask, kneepads, protective pants, and a jersey and does not play with a stick.

Floorball can be played by anyone, from young child to older adults, male or female and even those with limited mobility. A normal floorball game will be played by 5 field players (3 forwards and 2 defense) and a goalie, similar to ice hockey. For younger ages or smaller playing areas, the game can be played without a goalie which normally results in more scoring opportunities. The goalie plays with a protective mask, knee pads, and padded jersey. The goalie does not play with a stick.





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