FEBRUARY 12, 2020

Board Meeting Minutes- 2/11/20

Board Meeting Minutes- 2/11/20

NTFA Board

Feb. 11, 2020 Board Meeting

Present: Brian, Jon K., Cam K., Darryl, Dan, Chelsea


Various remarks:

The RVA tournament is 4x4 and will not use the IFF rules.

Secretary will send minutes to Dan to be placed on the NTFA website/newsletter

Referees need to focus on enforcing penalties



The Treasurer reported on the full year 2019 financial results. 

NTFA remains financially healthy. 

Revenue grew 29% year-over-year and the organization remains on target to develop the resources for meeting its objectives. 

The full financial reports are available for inspection at the offices of NTFA

*We can add an insert on the NTFA website such as “available on request” for treasurer reports as a 501c3 organization.


Texas Open:

ESPN has dropped their broadcast partnership

Brian will have message ready about the new change by the end of the week

New cost to broadcast with GoLive Sports is $3,300

Last chance to push for sponsors…..due by next week

Team/player registration closes soon

            Brian will post a public reminder

            Push 2nd North Texas team to sign up

Development camp will be Friday night (will act as a tryout for U19)

So far 6 teams have registered

Referees will be paid $40/game

Vince, Shawn, and Peter will attend

Live scoring will be done at tournament

UTA interns should be able to manage the clock/scoreboard at the TX Open.


Summer League:

Spring ends April 27

June 1- July 20

            Allows for a break before nationals


Special Olympics:

Feb. 22, 8-3pm

Unified play

Referees will bring green and yellow shirts


Action Items:

Chelsea- start having Dan post minutes to website

Brian- formulate message about ESPN by Friday, post public reminder about TX Open registration deadline


NEXT MEETING: March 10 (we plan to continue with 2nd Tues. of the month)


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