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North Texas Floorball Association (NTFA) Home Page

Welcome to the offical web site of the North Texas Floorball Association (NTFA), home of EVERYTHING FLOORBALL in North Texas. Located in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex, NTFA is a not-for-profit corporation serving the south central United States as an affiliate of the United States Floorball Association.  NTFA sanctions floorball leagues and tournaments, educates the public about the exciting international sport of floorball, facilitates training and development of players and referees, and follows the principles advanced by the International Floorball Federation (IFF).

Navigating the NTFA Site

From here you should easily be able to locate any aspect of the floorball experience in the DFW Area.

Floorball Information Information pages can be accessed by clicking the appropriate buttons along the top of each page or selecting a page link from the Main Menu to the left.
Member/User Information

All of your floorball activity (membership, event registrations, etc. ) is tracked through a special area of our site called S.M.A.R.T.  Everybody is encouraged to create a user account for yourself and any family members who participate in floorball activities.  Once you have created an account, this area of the site allows you to join NTFA or register for any activity.  Click here for the NTFA User Page.  Choose "Login", "Register" or "Create Account" from this page.

League or Tournament Results On of NTFA's primary purposes is the sanctioning of leagues and tournaments.  We have a variety of regular floorball league programs for various age groups and skill levels.  To access league or tournament results and statistics, it is necessary to display to correct league.  The easiest way to do that is select "LEAGUES & TOURNAMENTS" on the right side of the ribbon bar below the header on any page.  Or click here Choose League or Tournament.  Once you've chosen a league, use the links on the Main Menu at left to display scores, standings, and player statistics.

NTFA membership is required to be a regular participant in NTFA activities including leagues, training programs, NTFA sanctioned tournaments, and social activities.  Membership entitles you to regular communications from the association, discounted fees for all activities, and special discounts on all equipment purchased from FloorballPlanet.

NTFA membership is $20 per year.

Membership and tracking of all your floorball activities are handled through the user interface.  To join NTFA or register for any event, you must first create a user account.  See details in the table above.

After sign-in, you will be at the user dashboard.  From here you can track all aspects of your floorball experience.  To register of a program or activity, select "Register Now".  To join NTFA or access your existing membership record, select "Memberships".  Be sure to keep your profle updated.